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There is more to throwing a football than just mechanics. Every delivery must be properly timed and kinematically sequenced as well as be mechanically sound to be efficient. In football, there are many variables that effect timing, sequencing, and mechanics of the throw, but there are scientific certainties that the body must realize and achieve in order to throw both efficiently and accurately.

By using the 4 legs of the performance table, 3DQB works to create efficient Quarterbacks with concern to long-term health, and maximum performance output.


To inform, instruct, and inspire Quarterbacks to maximize both physical and mental potential for in game competition.

Functional Strenth and Conditioning

Functional Strenth and Conditioning

Built around endurance and stamina conditioning specific to Quarterbacks using position specific training for rotational athletes with concern for flexibility, mobility, and stability.

Mechanics and Motion Analysis

Mechanics and Motion Analysis

With the use of 3D Motion Analysis, we can observe and scientifically analyze a Quarterbacks throwing motion and compare with the best in the game. Then, with identification of weak links and movements, can prescribe training exercises and cross specific drills to improve mechanical positions and movements for a more efficient and accurate delivery.

Mental Training


Mental and emotional management skills to handle successes and failures in a highly competitive and cerebral position.

3DQB Nutrition


We do a complete nutritional background check to maximize blood chemistry that will properly fuel preparation, competition, and most importantly recovery.

3DQB teaching methodology

What we teach

Learn proven cross-specific training programs and exercises that will help athletes improve their game time performance, motion, and movement mechanics. Increase their upper-body strength, flexibility, power, and muscle endurance, while achieving maximum performance and minimizing risk of injury. More importantly, hone your ability to manage mental and emotional management of high level competition.

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